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Our vision is

To see Panama City’s urban core become the vibrant, unique heart of the city, creating prosperity for its marginalized populations and inspiring other cities.

The challenges we face

Panama, like the rest of Latin America, is urbanizing so quickly that the great majority of its problems are urban problems. Traffic, garbage, crime and poverty reduce quality of life for downtown residents, causing many to move far outside the city or into isolated high-rises and gated communities. The result is more inequality, more pollution, less commerce and a lower standard of living for all.

To many these seem like problems only government can tackle, but we believe that a private company with vision, capital and a cooperative attitude can play a critical role.

Key challenge 1

Urban core trapped in “wicked cycle” of poverty and deterioration but vulnerable to over gentrification.

Latin America is urbanising so quickly that getting cities right is a regional imparative, but no city can be healthy if its core is sick.

Key challenge 2
Panama Oeste - Conservatorio S.A.

Urban sprawl and homogenized, peripheral Car dependancy and lack of mobility working class housing.

Key challenge 3
Lack of Mobility Panama

Car dependancy and lack of mobility

Key challenge 4
Urban Skyline Panama

Radical class stratification and income equality embedded in urban fabric.

Key challenge 5
Loss of Cultural Diversity Panama

Loss of cultural diversity and local identity.