Conservatorio S.A. Theory of Change - Conservatorio S.A.

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If we invest in recovering and restoring strategic areas of the city center


Co-creating projects and shared visions though our Community Engagement Model

Developing inclusive mixed use, mixed income projects that emphazise independent retail

Creating platforms through leased spaced to help social and cultural initiatives succeed

We will

Revitialize deteriorated parts of the city, creating four types of capital

  • Financial

Generate sustainable profit for our investors.

  • Total share holders return(TSR)
  • Property value increase
  • Social

Allow people to stay and thrive in their neighborhoods

  • Affordable housing to high end housing ratio
  • Home buyer from neighborhood.
  • Environmental

Reduce commuting times and enivronmental footprint

  • Enegry consumption reduction in managed properties
  • Recycling in managed propertis
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Cultural

Enhance the neighborhood’s social and cultural relative.

  • % m2 occupied by independatn retail and cultural/Social oragnizations
  • Area of UNESCO heritage buildings restored.